It’s Gonna Be May Tour with Petite Stitchery & Co


Today I am joining in on the Petite Stitchery & Co. spring blog tour.  I know they have beautiful women’s patterns (have you seen the Woman’s Emerson Top? So pretty and on trend!) But today I had to go for the super adorable Tansy Slim Ruffle Pants for my older daughter. This spring isn’t quite yet spring-y weather wise (though I admit today has been so gorgeous it does seem more spring like) and she has grown so much she had no pants! This is quite a problem as you could imagine.

Tansy is a super cute elastic waist, pull on, slim ruffle pant with a capri option. Three ruffle styles are offered in the pattern with sizes 2T-12 included. Good news to everyone with growing kids! The pattern will cover you in the cute ruffle pant department for quite a while.

I chose to do a size 6 for my daughter, that is a little big on her intentionally, she is in a growth spurt and I wanted room for her to grow. so the ruffles on these may look a little short-that is because they are practically halved in length with a quite deep hem to let out as she grows. That being said, I love the proportions on these pants and how quick and easy they sew up! Quick sews are always good in my book when it comes to my kidlets.

I made this pair out of a rather vibrant vintage polyester that I knew my daughter would love (and would be busy enough to help hide the dirt and mud she likes to play in) Most of her knit tops are solids in pinks, purples and blue greens so they should go with anything. Such a huge plus when they are independent and want to dress themselves but you want them to look more put together! I really loved her choice of this faux band graphic tee so we went with it for this mini photo-shoot. Can you tell she has an attitude as vibrant as the pants?

I have another pair cut out and ready to sew up as I write this; this pair is another vintage polyester. This time a more subdued tan tweed print with little rainbow flecks and some very pretty vintage cream lace. They were actually a muslin for my StyleArc Barb’s Pull On Pants that didn’t work out and I loved the fabric enough I had to use it somewhere-the Tansy’s are perfect for projects like this! They will have lace on the ruffle and on the square patch pockets I want to put on the back. I think Tansy’s are a great pant to add pockets of all varieties and ALL THE TRIM. Seriously. Lace, ric rac, piping, appliques, if you can imagine it; Tansy’s are a great base to embellish! Have a dramatic print like this pair? Well they look fabulous in a print too!

Be sure to check out the other stops on this spring’s blog tour!




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