#MakeNine Goals…How do you choose?

Have you heard of the #makenine challenge? It all started with Rochelle of Lucky Lucille. 2018MakeNine

She talks about her reasoning here for her Make Nine Post if you want to read more direct from the lovely lady. I really love so many of her makes and her photography is gorgeous! I also loved how instead of looking back at what were “top” posts or makes etc. she wanted to look forward with a dream of creating. Oh yeah! Let me tell you, that is my kind of challenge right there! I love planning and dreaming up sewing projects-it is my favorite part of the creation process! But…where to start? How do you choose?

I know some seamstress’ leave spots open for potential new pattern releases that come out and are practically burning a hole in your sewing table, desperate to be made right now this instant! Do I want to do that? Probably, that seems like a great way to check a make off the list of nine. Then again,  what if I don’t fall in love? What if I do and there is no new pattern budget? Hmmmm…thinking about this made me really consider if I wanted to plan for a new mystery item, what about my previous impulse new pattern purchases? Had I made any of those? I went back through my email and tracked down all my Etsy/Ebay/Indie pattern purchases of patterns for me (let us not talk about kids patterns and impulse buying right now *hides head in shame* I always have such good intentions I swear!) for the last several years. How many do you think I made? Can you guess? For the sake of clarity, I am of course, not including any patterns I was a pattern tester for. I tend to make several of those in testing and after release as I gain inspiration from that release rush of makes we all get into and tend to make more. I am however including free patterns as well as paid.

Let me make a little list for you (emphasis on little) of things I impulse bought around release time and actually made:

I bought and made the Pippa Wrap Dress , from Designer Stitch It didn’t make it to my wardrobe mostly because of finishing techniques I ummm…well…didn’t use. That was compounded by fabric that stretched due to not stay stitching the pattern pieces. I do intend to make another Pippa Wrap Dress and carefully follow directions as the problem was me, not the pattern. fashion-flat-lengthspippawrapdress

I fell in love with the Wardrobe By Me Hera Blouse upon release and spent two late nights sewing it up. Oh wait, did I mention I wanted a true wrap blouse most of the way through construction? Yes, another loved item with a side of self sabotage. I really need to sit down and dedicate myself to following instructions so I can get a lovely wrap or faux wrap top and dress made for me. Clearly I desire one right? This one also has left my wardrobe. Ish. It is tucked away in a box of might bring out again makes. I really enjoyed it as a over shirt type layer in the summer over maxi dresses and my  tanks that I would never wear out as shirts but when it was to hot for much coverage, they were great under my Hera. It is really great as a top and as a layering piece-I loved using it over my maxi dresses the most for a ’70’s vibe of complete comfort and joy. It may come back out once it warms up, there is no predicting these things sometimes.herablouse

You know when you see a pattern and there is no doubt in your mind it is meant for you? That was the Rad Patterns Angel Top upon release, I have a serious weakness for all the draped cowl neck patterns. Seriously. All of them! This one looks so fabulous on plus sized ladies I snapped it up and made it post haste and have worn it to death…


Hold on, let me think about this a bit…actually I snapped it up and lovingly thought about it constantly, promising I would make it next until the All The Sleeves Add On was released and I made it with flutter sleeves that night-literally-that night. I really highly recommend both the Angel and the All The Sleeves add on pack!


Does that make it a win? A somewhat belated win but still a win. Amazingly…I think I have one picture of it that I took for #MeMadeMay but let me assure you I have worn this top soooo much. I need to make more. I wish there was a time store where we could get extra sewing minutes. If wishes were fishes and all that jazz.


Then I fell head over heels in-make it right now-love with the Itch To Stitch Nottingham Top as soon as I saw the blog post with the collection of makes from testers and made it that week, twice. Oh yeah, bring on the impulse sewing. I have another for my sister I need to get sewing post haste…because it was originally intended for her birthday gift…in July…and again for Christmas…yeah I suck at requested sewing for other adults. Itch-to-Stitch-Nottingham-Top-PDF-Sewing-Pattern-Line-DrawingsThat makes 4 patterns I bought and made immediately for myself, 5 if you count the Angel and Sleeves separately. I guess that is a resounding NO I shouldn’t leave open new release spots. I really need to sew what I have, clearly right?! How embarrassing. Does anyone else buy upon release (or any other time I suppose) and amass a library of brand new never used patterns and then think…oops, maybe I should make those before buying more? This isn’t even including my Big 4 paper sewing patterns. Shhhhh those can be a secret a little while longer. They don’t take up that much room I swear! *covers pattern totes with pretty fabric* Tadah! Side table(s).

Imagine the silence as I scroll through my Patterns I own Pinterest board for myself. I spent so long tracking all of these down through receipts and pinning them. So long people! It took hours…Maybe I should consider the challenge on Youtube, #patternfast or #patternnobuy I think it is called? Food for thought.

Moving on. We know I need to use only what is in my pattern library for my #MakeNine .Pdf or Paper patterns? Indie or Big 4? Woven or Knits? Cake or Frosting sewing? A mix of all? Whew, that would release me to choose what have you. But…there are so many things I want to make! What about a woven #makenine and a knit #makenine? Okay, sounds good. Ambitious but good. 85% of the time I am sewing clothes to replace others/cover my growing children…all three of them. Then another 8% is mending, and sewing for non my kidlets. A grand total of 7% of sew for me time. I can do it though; I just need to manage my time better. And consider keeping my sewing table clean of non sewing ephemera.

Okay, now the question is this; Cake or Frosting sewing? I live in a quiet, well out of the way area with practically no events other then a summer event called Prospector’s Days and our county Fair. So making fancy clubbing outfits or movie night specials does not make much sense for this rural single mother.  “Cake” sewing would probably be on the lines of jeans/trousers/skirts with either knit tops or woven pullovers and buttonups. Clothes you can look pretty but still work in-work being defined as something like stacking firewood, mucking out a chicken coop etc.-I tend to prefer skirts to trousers and jeans, both for aesthetic (they make me feel pretty and feminine) and for ease of fitting (hello diastasis recti turned mum tum pudge ball) I do want to start my comfortable fits me jean journey but that brings me more to my “Frosting” I love vintage fashion. Enough that when I moved back here I took massive advantage of people not knowing me and released that inner vintage inspired vixen I felt awkward releasing earlier in my life. So while I can (and do) still work in my retro and vintage inspired clothes, they are slightly more on the frosting side of the spectrum for me. I would love some 1930-1940’s inspired jeans and trousers, and of course; vintage dresses make my heart swoon and I absolutely do wear them. I guess I better get planning these! Knowing me, it will be an all the things plan that will morph and change but I will have this guideline to keep me on a (somewhat) linear sewing path. Thanks for sticking with me on such a long, dreamy and scattered planning thought process post! This may turn into a mini series with as much dreaming as I already am.

What is on your #MakeNine? Do you sew with a plan?



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