Sew Long Summer Blog Tour 2019


Has this year flown by to you? I feel like we just started 2019, it just started to warm up for summer…and it is time to work on Fall sewing. How fast is that?!

Today I am joining in on the Sew Long Summer Blog Tour to show you what I have been making myself for fall. My current make for me obsession is Ponte pants-I want ALL the Ponte pants! I turned 30 this year and have only grown…wider. And all I really want to wear is comfortable things; comfortable and flattering is even better though! I finally jumped onto the New Horizons Portlander Pants train. I even put it on my #MakeNine plans this year, hoping to motivate me into actually getting some assembly line sewing done for me. It took a couple months to get all my fabrics lined up and ordered. Eventually I may have ponte pants of some variety in every color of the rainbow. Well, maybe just the colors I wear 😉

I already have made 3 pairs of ponte pants-2 pairs of Portlanders, and 1 pair of my TNT Greenstyle Designs Aspen pants-all with Girl Charlee sale and clearance knit. I really love that section of their site! While all fabric used is technically in neutral easy to wear and match colors…they are also in pretty noticeable graphic prints. So solid tops with those three is best! I love wearing them with a solid top, cardigan, and a long statement necklace. I love wearing print and colors so much better then solids!!! Hmmm…as I sit here typing wearing a solid navy shift dress and solid red cardigan. Maybe I like solids more then I thought? I love this outfit actually. I feel fabulous and put together while still being comfortable. then again, I love both example outfits I wore earlier this year during #MeMadeMay19

I wanted to balance out having those printed pants with some solid colored pants to wear with my crazier print tops. I have so many of those to work with I definitely need to get wear out of them. So I looked through my fabric options and settled on making these two solids into Portlanders to do that.

I cut these out while my son worked in tying his first quilt for 4-H


He was so happy to finish his quilt top here. He did end up adding some borders. It turned out beautiful! He really hated blind stitching the binding by hand though. That…will probably never happen again…if it can be helped.

Isn’t it great? I am so proud of him! All that hard work got him a red ribbon at the fair.

I really liked cutting these out in multiples, it seems like a very efficient way to work.  I had a complete brain fart moment and decided to cut the first one in a single layer and couldn’t wrap my mind around that I had enough fabric to just cut these pants out on the fold so I failed my pattern tetris assignment in forethought. Luckily I can sew my leftover fabric into a big enough piece no one would have known if I hadn’t mentioned it. But, ya know. Honesty. I love reading other sewing mistakes and how the person corrected them.

Tada! I can see these pants going with so many of my printed tops. The black pair goes with just about everything of course. So I really didn’t feel the need to take pictures of the black pair next to anything…these russet-ish ones I have harbored some secret  doubts about so I will admit I took more then a few pairing idea pictures! It is interesting to me how pictures of the same fabric, in the same light, at the same time, with the same camera look different saturations etc. depending on what top is paired with them. They do look nice with quite a few of my tops!

This russet-ish brown pair I plan to pair with my russet colored RTW cardigan (if you know anywhere that has fabric in or close to this color please leave a link below) and my olive green RTW cardigan as shown. And black cardigans would go with them as well of course 🙂

My favorite pairings are with me-made tops: My Itch To Stitch Lago Tank and my Sew By Pattern Pieces Ladies Fun Tee

I ended up wearing these pants to work with my refashioned(and refashioned yet again) tank top made from Simplicity 7034. Due to my multiple refashion past, there is some odd seams you cannot really see in this tank that I wish were not there. I did the scoop neck sleeveless version shown on the pattern envelope below. Overall I love the top-super flattering tucked and untucked! and it looks really good as an outfit on 🙂


I think I will love having some solid ponte pants in my wardrobe! That being said…these ponte fabrics are in the stash and up next! I don’t know if I am bold enough to turn that solid magenta ponte into pants though…I have a blazer in that color (as well as several shirts) so I could do a full magenta suit look…but I live in a very small town and that would be very noticeable in perhaps the wrong way. What would you do? Would you make pants or a skirt out of it if it were you?


Boho Fabrics


The full tour includes these talented sewists, so I hope you’ll follow along and comment on their posts this week.

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