A Knit 2019 #MakeNine

This make nine seemed both the hardest and the most necessary for my wardrobe. I love woven garments but you cannot beat the comfort (and realistically, the easier fit) of a knit garment. So this list I went back over and over again and wondered if I could really make this nine in addition to the woven nine…and trying to settle on which of the knit patterns I already owned that I should make. I decided to limit it to 1 Pattern per designer so it isn’t all one or two designers.

I also had to choose patterns I already had the fabric in my stash for. I could buy more in the future but I am currently not working so I don’t want to commit to something that I may not be able to complete-even if it is a commitment to myself.


That being said, I want to make the Love Notions Tidal Dress. A pattern I snapped up upon release, delighted at the thought of making scrappy front dresses…and you guessed it; I never made it. I plan to make this one in a navy and ecru Greek key printed center front with navy sided and back. The print is a rayon spandex from the USA Girl Charlee sale section, and the navy is from Simply By Ti Fabrics and is also a rayon spandex. I have had this bought and planned as a maxi dress since June 2018. I love the ease of throwing on a maxi dress and not having to worry about layering anything to look put together.

penny pinafore.jpg

As a not make nine side plan I will be making the Kitschy Coo Penny Pinafore as a head to head pattern comparison with the Love Notions Tidal Dress. This may be a maxi length or knee length depending on which fabric I end up using. I would like to do a contrast center front and possibly back panel for this one.



The next pattern on my Make Nine list is the Pattern Emporium Spellbound Dress in a maxi dress length. I have had a brightly colored patterned ity set aside that I bought for this pattern specifically from Fabulace on Etsy. This is to replace a boho print ity maxi I bought at a boutique in 2012 while I was pregnant with my middle child. Perhaps needless to say but this dress has been worn to death in the years since. This pattern was another upon release buy that didn’t get printed until I bought the fabric for it.

Inspirational Sallies from I Sew Therefore I AmHouse Of Pinheiro, Crafting A Rainbow, Sewing and Slapdashery here and here.

To continue with the one garment dressing, my next planned pattern is the Sallie Jumpsuit from Closet Case Patterns. I love the look of this jumpsuit on everyone! I particularly loved it on Mary Alice of Well Sewn Style in this Curvy Sewing Collective blog post. And the one in Sew Beckie Jo‘s post here. It certainly felt like everyone in the sewing world other then me had made it and I loved them all so I bought the Sallie in 2018. While I would love to have a sleek all black, aubergine, or navy Sallie-Really any solid fabric would look incredible-But I do not have the fabric in my stash for that. So I decided to aim at a fun print Sallie from this fabric I got from Fabulace as a hopefully wearable muslin. I will be partially lining it with a knit thrift store fabric find in the same lighter turquoise-ish blue as in the print to combat the potential of the main fabric being sheer looking in the sun come summertime. I love my SUAT Scrundlewear but I certainly do not want to give a peep show when I run errands.


Next, I plan to make the famed New Horizons Designs Portlanders in a pretty mulberry and tawny brown floral I got from Girl Charlee’s sale section. I bought this fabric intended for the next pattern on my list; but decided I really want some comfortable knit pants in a fun print to wear all my solid tees with. I am rather notorious in real life to family and friends for wearing crazy printed pants-usually Greenstyle Aspen Pants in vintage Polyester knits. I plain wore out my last several pairs so I need more-Aspens, and I think Portlanders- will both look pretty chic in print with a solid cardigan and top. Thrown on some statement jewelry and it looks very put together for secret pajamas 😉

The pattern I originally intended the mulberry floral fabric for was the Kitschy Coo Comino Cap Dress, another one of those highly popular patterns from the past. I wanted this pattern and finally bought it after falling in love with all of Crafting A Rainbow Gillian’s Comino Cap collection. She has quite a few posts about the pattern in her Tried’n’True patterns section. I love how each one looks amazing in crazy prints and how totally awesome they all are. It looks like a fairly easy dress to make in a variety of fabrics once you get your muslin fit down and very simple to style day to day. Since I tend toward crazy printed everything it makes perfect sense to have a super simple dress for those prints to shine. To start out with though, I want to use a less distracting basic print for the wearable muslin. I want to use this Navy and Ecru thin striped knit from Fabulace. It looks far brighter then it is in person. I bought this fabric to make a tee shirt or a-line basic dress to wear over tights in winter and with cardigans in summer after seeing the many many graphics showing a striped dress mini capsule like in this post here from Bonnie and Blithe, and this post here at the Just Posted Blog, and yet again here from Un-Fancy.

This pattern planned next has that same basic lines appeal as the Comino Cap but it has so many included options it is anything but basic; the 1 Puddle Lane Ruby Tuesday Dress. I won this pattern in a Bella Sunshine Designs giveaway and was so thrilled! I have read so many positive reviews and posts like this one by Ti of Simply By Ti Fabrics and Sewing By Ti Blog that it is thrilling to me to get to play with this pattern. It definitely looks like it could be another tried and true make it in all the fabrics pattern. I am thinking I will use this fabric from Girl Charlee. As for what options…well I don’t really know that yet but I will make it!

This next dress pattern as well as the top pattern after it I bought within hours of release. As soon as they started sharing teaser photos of the testers for the Halla Patterns Elise Dress I knew I had to have it! That retro inspired neckline with the tabs and a faux wrap bodice? Sign me up immediately! I bought the pattern and started shopping for the fabric in minutes. I grabbed this floral in pinks, blue and greens from Fabulace, it reminded me of some of the 1940’s floral print crepes so I thought it would go perfectly with that 1940’s retro inspired neckline and bodice.


As for the top pattern I mentioned above, I am not sure if I have talked about it before much but I adore a draped cowl neck top so when Itch To Stitch released the Plitvice Top with its draped center panel I had to have it! Maybe I also have a weakness for center front panels in patterns as well? It might be so…I love the pattern but knew I would never make it with that hip band at the bottom so I added the same length as the hip band would have to the pattern pieces. I may add more after my first muslin, how short it looks on testers even with the band concerns me a little. If I want to wear it with any of my modern cut bottoms it may be to short and ride up. The length should not be an issue with my high waisted skirts and vintage reproduction trousers though. I will be making this in a red on red marled tissue knit I grabbed at Walmart when my local store started carrying knits.

And last but certainly not least! I need to make some shorts to go under all these dresses I have planned for 2019. I will be using the Stitch Upon A Time Willow Shorts the fitted option will be wonderful for under skirts and dresses. I am hoping they will come to just above my knee by an inch or two so my knee length dresses with cover them. I won this pattern in a rather unconventional way I suppose. I won 12 Patterns if my choice from SUAT for winning their 25k Member celebration, “Design a Pattern Contest” with my design for the Mary Peplum. I will be using the navy and the denim cotton Lycra from Simply By Ti Fabrics. I will likely order more of both as well as black cotton Lycra for leggings for me and my girls. I wear mine as tights while they wear theirs as pants and tights. You just cannot beat the quality!

Whew! *collapses in chair* I think this might be my most link heavy post yet, sorry if that bothers anyone. None of them are affiliate links or anything like that. I just enjoy being able to find things mentioned in blog posts with one click instead of having to search for it so i try to include as many links as I can, when I can.  Now to get sewing!


Selfish Sewing, Food For Thought

image_6483441 (1)I see this term “Selfish Sewing” all over the sewing community, it is a hashtag with 41,862 posts on Instagram alone. When I first read it, I loved the idea, the bluntness of sewing for yourself-with such joy-as various bloggers and seamstresses seemed to show. It resonated deeply with me.

Then as the term use progressed, I read about the fallout. The not so positive reactions of family, friends and acquaintances over the seamstresses use of “Selfish” in relation to their sewing. Not everyone had a bad reaction of course, not even most. But it got me to thinking, is what we are doing selfish at it’s core? I don’t think so. In other areas and subjects they have adopted “Self Care” so it is clear it is healthy and positive and even necessary to our mental and emotional health. So why not sewing? Can we replace “Selfish” with “Self Care”? Which do you prefer? As a side note, does your sewing machine view look as messy as mine? Let me know in the comments below.

So Long Summer Blog Tour 2018


Welcome to the Sew Long Summer blog tour. I am joining today to show you what I have been making for my younger daughter as we edge closer to the end of Summer.

Not only are we sewing bloggers are going to share with you how we say “Sew Long Summer” But we’ll be asking you to join in with a Social Sew too (read on to the bottom of the post for details and prizes) How fun is that?! I love sewing along with other people on a general themed topic.

Where we live it is now getting quite cool at night and in the morning but heats up by noon so it is time to make and wear pieces that can be layered into Autumn and Winter. With that in mind I knew I wanted a fairly basic but still cute top pattern to fill her shirt drawer with. And knowing I dislike making repetitive basics I knew it needed options so I could use one pattern and be done for this growth spurt.

When I was looking through the things I pinned to my style board for her on Pinterest she liked This Dress From Persnickety Clothing persnicketydre4ss

It is pretty dang cute right?! I actually bought an orange and pink stripe knit from Fabulace on Etsy and made her these first three for her birthday (the big #3! We skipped terrible twos and are now firmly in threenager mode) to somewhat mimic this dress.



This third one has little rainbow pastel hearts on white, it was harder then I thought to catch this one on camera.  I will admit though that doing three similar versions in the same fabric can get confusing when she wants to wear them back to back…or hauls a dirty one out to wear again before it hits the washer. This happens more frequently then I would like, but it does show that she loves them. That is always wonderful when you make something for someone else.

I knew she needed tops instead of dresses so I chose the Faux Layer Low Waist Top option of the Sew A Little Seam Blythe Top, Tunic, and Dress Pattern Blythe-Line-Drawings

It came together so smoothly I whipped up the first three for her birthday and when I came across some nice knit ladies shirts a couple days later I grabbed them up to refashion into 3 more Blythe’s for my little. And there is yet one more almost finished on my sewing machine right now…how many is to many? I am never quite sure myself.  I find refashioning quite joyful and love going to thrift stores to pick things out in fun fabrics I couldn’t get in yardage and combining them in fun ways. For example, one of the shirts I refashioned has cuffs that I kept and think look super cute-being able to keep details is great!SALSblytheSewLongSummerTour (6)

For all of the Blythe’s I have made so far I have used the bound neck keyhole option due to my kids being fairly tall and slender and having large heads so having that keyhole closure makes getting her dressed so much easier!


For both striped versions I didn’t have enough fabric in the shirts for the gathered skirt so I just added the length of the skirt so they are long enough and made the two A-line tops you see here. Equally as cute and comfortable. I think little adjustments like that really helps you get the most mileage out each of your patterns. So full price this pattern is $7.00, if you consider how many times I have made it already (6) my price per make is $1.16 each for the pattern. I used size 3 this time and it goes to size 12 so there are many more years and sizes left to use. Not to mention that I have two daughters so double the use. If I make any more Blythe’s it just keeps going down. And so on, until that pattern has completely covered it’s purchase price many times over. How many cute shirts can you buy for $7.00? Remember this next time you have a spur of the moment pattern purchase…not that that happens often. Right Ladies? Yes, excellent. We agree to rationalize it away lol impulse pattern buyers unite! Now if only I could clone fabric yardage…


Are You ready to sew with us? Our theme this month is all about getting those transitional wardrobe pieces ready; finishing up all those things we meant to make this summer; and well, basically whatever Sew Long Summer means to you.

Share what you’ve been making to say “Sew Long Summer” and use the hashtag #SewLongSewcial18  to be entered into our random drawing.


Continental US participants will be entered to win a $20 store credit from Simply by Ti Fabrics.

All other participants will be entered to win a pattern of choice from DG Patterns.

To enter, please tag your sewing project with #SewLongSewcial18 on Instagram or Facebook. You can also leave a link in the comments on the mahlicadesigns intro post. Please limit your entries to items you’ve sewn between Sept 10th and Sept 28th 2018. Winners will be notified and announced shortly thereafter.

Sept. 10th Sewing A La Carte, Tenille’s Thread, A Custom Clothier, Made for Little Gents, Miss Marah Sewn

Sept. 11th Manning the Machine, mahlicadesigns, Sewing Vortex, Crafting Fiend

Sept. 12th Auschick Sews, Aurora Design Fabrics, My Heart Will Sew On, Vicky Myers Creations

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Sept. 14th Sewing à la Carte, Sewing by Ti, Stitches by Laura, Sewing with Sarah, My Sewing Roots


It’s Gonna Be May Tour with Petite Stitchery & Co


Today I am joining in on the Petite Stitchery & Co. spring blog tour.  I know they have beautiful women’s patterns (have you seen the Woman’s Emerson Top? So pretty and on trend!) But today I had to go for the super adorable Tansy Slim Ruffle Pants for my older daughter. This spring isn’t quite yet spring-y weather wise (though I admit today has been so gorgeous it does seem more spring like) and she has grown so much she had no pants! This is quite a problem as you could imagine.

Tansy is a super cute elastic waist, pull on, slim ruffle pant with a capri option. Three ruffle styles are offered in the pattern with sizes 2T-12 included. Good news to everyone with growing kids! The pattern will cover you in the cute ruffle pant department for quite a while.

I chose to do a size 6 for my daughter, that is a little big on her intentionally, she is in a growth spurt and I wanted room for her to grow. so the ruffles on these may look a little short-that is because they are practically halved in length with a quite deep hem to let out as she grows. That being said, I love the proportions on these pants and how quick and easy they sew up! Quick sews are always good in my book when it comes to my kidlets.

I made this pair out of a rather vibrant vintage polyester that I knew my daughter would love (and would be busy enough to help hide the dirt and mud she likes to play in) Most of her knit tops are solids in pinks, purples and blue greens so they should go with anything. Such a huge plus when they are independent and want to dress themselves but you want them to look more put together! I really loved her choice of this faux band graphic tee so we went with it for this mini photo-shoot. Can you tell she has an attitude as vibrant as the pants?

I have another pair cut out and ready to sew up as I write this; this pair is another vintage polyester. This time a more subdued tan tweed print with little rainbow flecks and some very pretty vintage cream lace. They were actually a muslin for my StyleArc Barb’s Pull On Pants that didn’t work out and I loved the fabric enough I had to use it somewhere-the Tansy’s are perfect for projects like this! They will have lace on the ruffle and on the square patch pockets I want to put on the back. I think Tansy’s are a great pant to add pockets of all varieties and ALL THE TRIM. Seriously. Lace, ric rac, piping, appliques, if you can imagine it; Tansy’s are a great base to embellish! Have a dramatic print like this pair? Well they look fabulous in a print too!

Be sure to check out the other stops on this spring’s blog tour!




And don’t forget to enter into the giveaway! Sponsored By Southern Belle Fabrics; Link to giveaway at bottom of post.

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Me Made May 2018 Pledge and Planning

Have you heard of Me Made May? It has been going strong for years now and if you sew you have probably come across it in your browsing online. You can take a pledge to wear your you made garments, add caveats or addendum’s; such as excluding under garments and shoes etc. and either post on a blog, on Instagram, Facebook or just follow along and wear all the things you have made with joy.


‘I, Marah of ‘Miss Marah Sewn’ blog and @lafleurmtnhandmade, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear 1 to 2 pieces of me-made clothing each day for the duration of May 2018′

I have participated for several years now, mostly out of the online sewing community eye. Though I have followed other community members makes with avid interest through the years. I decided this year I wanted to participate more actively, but without the pressure of posting everyday in May. I may still post on Instagram but I want to do more planning and posts here on what I am making to fill certain gaps in my wardrobe.

I plan to make myself several Sew By Pattern Pieces  Ladies Fun Tee’s in patterned fabric from Girl Charlee I really love checking out their fabrics!

Also some Angel drape tops from Rad Patterns using the All The Sleeves add on pack and original included sleeve options. Probably also from some Girl Charlee printed knits. Or possibly printed knits from my favorite Etsy Fabric Shop Fabulace. They take forever to ship but great service otherwise and such pretty fabrics! I also have some Simply By Ti Fabrics I am excited to use-if only I could settle on a pattern!


I did have somewhat of a plan I made last year and have slowly been working on between other things july17fourby5sewingplan

Out of this plan I have my Stitch Upon A Time Mary Peplum in this Simply By Ti Fabric is already done and has been worn a ton.brokenchrvronmarypeplum

This Angel Top in a Fabulace knit is completed and I wear it quite a bit to work. brightprintangeltop

I completed a Ladies Fun Tee in this Fabulace print and lengthened a ready to wear skirt with the leftovers for a matched set-this also gets a ton of wear. I love that the print camouflages day to day wear and looks gorgeous with the drapiness of the fabric while feeling like a luxurious pajama top.

I admit I have quite a ways to go to keep working on this plan and other things I have planned since then. The reviews and planning posts I had wanted to get done this month may be reaching a little far looking at the calendar. The last week of April I won’t have a photographer to document my makes unless I take some selfies. The Sewcialists has a really good #MMMay18 series going right now. That is their May challenge theme. I particularly liked this post on Different Ways To Document Your Me Made May experience.  I may be taking some of those tips and putting them to use! Are you participating in Me Made May 2018? Have you participated before?


5 Out Of 4 Patterns 20K Blog Tour

5oo420kmemberblogtour2018 banner

Today I am joining the 5 Out Of 4 Patterns 20k Blog Tour. I am here to show you my Knot Your Average Shirt. I chose to make the sleeveless tank version in a lovely eggplant purple cotton Lycra I had in my fabric stash. You can find almost identical, much higher quality fabric at Simply By Ti Fabrics .   missmarahsewnknotyouraveragetop22020182K5OO4Blogtour (2)  I thought this fabric would be a great color match to my favorite Ready To Wear Cardigan and was thrilled that it did indeed match so well! That being said, it languished in my fabric stash waiting for the right shirt pattern to come along.

I wanted something that would be an easy to wear basic, but had enough detail to add that little bit of extra that takes an outfit up a notch. The knot front detail certainly did that for me. I wanted to make this pattern but every time I went to buy it I looked at that knot and thought “I’m not there yet skill wise” it wasn’t until recently when I followed along with the Knot Your Average Top and Dress Sew-a-long that I decided I could totally do it! (Really, it is easier then it looks) And it looks so dressy! I have been on the job hunt lately and wanted something I could wear through the year with various weight cardigans. I have to admit taking pictures was quite chilly and the photographer literally ran back in the house as soon as she knew she had some good photos. I wasn’t far behind to tell the truth! I do love that the snow in the background made me look less ghostly.

missmarahsewnknotyouraveragetop22020182K5OO4Blogtour (4)

I agree with the pattern suggestion that you use fabric that the front and back are similar enough not to be noticeable in the knot where the front pattern pieces twist. Though I may try the Leopard Print Rayon Spandex I grabbed last year from Simply By Ti Fabrics intending to make a tank out of it. I can’t recall what the back of the fabric looks like without getting it out of my stash. I think it will work-how fabulous would that look with some nice jeans?! To bad I am not dating, that would make a great summer date night outfit. I will wear them anyways 🙂


I love how the straps are the perfect proportion for my body and hide my bra straps quite neatly, I had to include this back view to show it is indeed a full coverage back.

I forsee many more Knot Your Average Tees and maybe a dress or two in my future if I can get appropriate fabric that sing to me. There are no local fabric shops where I live that carry apparel fabrics, so it all has to be shipped in. I am curious, where do you shop for fabric online?

Don’t forget to follow a long on the tour and in the Facebook 5 Out Of 4 Patterns Group

Get 40%  on all 5 Out Of 4 Patterns off Monday through Saturday with the code “SOBIG”

5 out of 4 Patterns 20k Blog Tour Schedule

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April 6 – The Sassy Seamripper | My Heart Will Sew On

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Inaugural Mishmash

My very first post on a new blog! I am starting this blog to record my sewing makes for my 3 young children as they grow, myself, as gifts and there is a possibility that you might get a peek at my etsy shop sewing as well as fabric and pattern hauls. I love shopping thrift stores! For fabric, patterns, things to refashion (oh how I love a good refashion!) Essentially a sewing and dreaming of sewing mishmash.

I have been sewing steadily for quite a few years now, I got very into sewing when I was expecting my oldest child so it has been 7 years or so where I have been dreaming of garments to make and trying to execute my ideas. As you might imagine; I have learned quite a lot in that time and have even been a delighted tester for some really lovely pdf pattern designers.  I imagine I will do a post on each of those at some point.

Tatah for now!